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Expert Notary Services at office or home or by currier

Roni Hareli law office and notary provides expert notary services in a fast and professional manner. Many notarial services can be provided immediately and cordially either in our office at Museum Tower, 4 Berkovich st. Tel-Aviv or in other locations such as your office, home, hospital.

We are authorised to prepare and authenticate many types of documents to be used internationally. Every overseas jurisdiction has its own formalities and requirements as to how legal documents are prepared, executed and authenticated. we have the experience and well qualified to advise you on the varying formalities involved and on the specific procedure to be followed.

Notary services include:

Notarial translations

we offer notarized translations from and into over 110 languages either on a standard or priority basis. Whether you need translation for a company formation documents, a will or issuing foreign passport, we know that legal translations have to be accurate and that your documents will be handled with the highest professional manner and highly qualified and experienced translators.   

Certification of true copies   


We can arrange your documents to be Apostilled by the Ministry for the Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem and The Ministry of Justice or by any Embassy. The legalization process varies from one foreign consulate to another and can be time consuming. The Notary Roni Hareli do all the hard work for you and can arrange for ab Apostille on an express same-day service. Contact us to know more.

Signature approvals and power of attorney   

Notarized affidavits   

Prenuptial agreement approval   

Notarial wills and testaments   

Notarized Life certificate

Notarial translations:

Perfectly accurate and reliable translations of all documents such as birth certificate, death certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, diplomas, passports, identification documents, inheritance documents, and more.

Signature authentication and power of attorney:

Provided for varied documents and purposes, including mortgages, real estate transactions, general power of attorney etc.

A signature authentication by a notary approves the identification of the person who sign the document has been checked and approved by the notary.

Certification of true copies:

A certificate approving that a copy of a document is correct and identical to the original.

Notarized affidavits:

Required for purpose of approval of signature and identity of the signatory after the signatory has been identified and warned according to law.


Most commonly required to certify official and notary documents for out of state use for many purposes, including of civil marriage, citizenship, immigration etc.

Prenuptial agreements approval:

The agreement which is settling all matters of assets and finances between couples. The agreement should be approved properly in order to be valid. Validation of a prenuptial agreement can be done after the couple sign on it in the presence of a notary.

Notarial wills and testaments:

This service provides an advantage over other wills and testaments. The service can also be provided at home or hospital.

Roni Hareli Law firm and notary, established in 1996.

Adv. and Notary Roni Hareli is the founding partner of Roni Hareli & Co. Law Offices.

In addition to full array of Notary services, Roni Hareli practices law for real estate and litigation.

Roni Hareli received his legal training in the UK and is a graduate of the Law School (LL.B) from the University of Essex (1991).

Roni Hareli is certified as a mediator.

The firm has two offices:

The head office is located in The Museum Tower, next to the Tel Aviv Courts Complex (4 Berkovich st.).

The northern office operates in Givat Ada.

The firm core values are: reliability, uncompromised professional services and integrity.

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